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Terms of Use

RepLocate reserves the right to refuse ads submitted to this web site. Duration of advertisement begins on the 1st day it is posted. RepLocate is not responsible or liable for  typographical errors and are posted "As Is". RepLocate may edit advertisements for content before being posted.  Advertisers take sole responsibility for copyright or trademark infringements in their postings. RepLocate reserves the right to pull advertisements off of this web site without notice or refund to the advertiser.

Credit Card Processing:
After an order has been processed, your credit card will be charged. A receipt for the payment will be sent by email to the email address in your ad.

Monthly Billing:
Monthly Payment Plans will automatically be billed for subsequent months. You may cancel at any time. Please login to your account and cancel online or notify us of your wish to cancel by email or telephone. You will receive a Cancel Request Confirmation by email that your account has been cancelled, and your credit card will no longer be charged. If you do not receive the Cancel Request Confirmation email, your account has most likely not been cancelled and you should immediately contact us again.

Information Submitted to RepLocate:
By posting an advertisement on, you are giving RepLocate the authority to reproduce, distribute, or use any of the information submitted for promotional purposes. Your name and address will not be given to 3rd parties for solicitation. All credit card information will be held in strict confidentiality.

RepLocate is not responsible for monitoring or altering material or information submitted to this web site. By advertising on this web site, you give us the right to disclose any of your information as lawfully required by city, state, federal, or governmental agencies. RepLocate is not  liable for any lost postings, stolen data, and/or web site down periods.

You must be 18 years or older to submit information on RepLocate is not responsible for researching or confirming the advertiser’s age.

Database Information:
By submitting your information to RepLocate's Database, you are giving RepLocate permission to disclose your information to customers that subscribe to our service.  RepLocate is not liable or responsible for the use of this information.

Opportunity Content:
RepLocate is not responsible and has no liability for any information or misinformation advertised or posted on this web site. Advertisements posted have not been researched or proven for accuracy or truthfulness. RepLocate does not represent nor endorse any advertisers or their postings on this web site. Links are provided on this site for your convenience. RepLocate does not endorse or control these sites and is not responsible for their content. You must be 18 years or older to use any information on By logging on to and using information and links on, you agree to hold RepLocate free of liability for any information you find offensive, abusive, sexually explicitly, fictitious, inaccurate, malicious, embarrassing, or unlawful to minors.

Business Agreements:
The intent of is to give manufacturers, representatives,  and distributor a site to advertise for business opportunities or openings. RepLocate has no responsibility for agreements made between any parties as a result of information received through   RepLocate is not responsible for any contractual agreements, disputes, or contractual infringements between manufacturers and existing or future representatives, distributors, or agents.

Guarantees and Cancellation Policy:
RepLocate does not guarantee or endorse the provided inquiries and is not responsible for the information supplied in the inquiries. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to research the potential candidates. RepLocate does not guarantee results. Should an advertiser wish to cancel their subscription, they must login and cancel their subscription online. Cancellation requests are not accepted by telephone, voice mail, email, fax, text message or any means other than via our website. Sorry, no refunds.

RepLocate Content:
Information posted on this web site is deemed as original and, unless otherwise specified, can not be reproduced, sold, distributed, published, or modified in any way. Other than as intended, any unauthorized use of information by individuals or companies is considered "stolen information" and will be subject to prosecution. RepLocate is a trademark of RepHunter, Inc.

Terms for Reps:
All opportunities on are commission-only.

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